​​​​​​​Frequently Asked Questions....

What is your style of photography – Photojournalistic or Traditional?

We do both! We know just how important it is to capture all the details, emotions, and fun of your wedding day and our unlimited photography and observant eye enable us to capture those moments, unobtrusively. Also, your two professional photographers will work in tandem to organize people for those traditional family shots and those not-so-traditional wedding party shots.

We don't know what to do in front of the camera, will you pose us?

Great photography is created. We put you in natural situations and have you react to each other. This technique evokes real emotion and real smiles. This is why our photography does not look 'cheesy.'

Why should we hire you?

Passion. Experience. Talent. Expertise.
Your wedding day will go by in a flash (pun intended) and it takes all of the above to capture it so you can enjoy it forever. There are many photographers out there who can take a good photo in a good situation, but we have the skill to take great photos in quickly changing environments and lighting challenges such as windows and sunsets and at the rapid, sometimes unpredictable, pace excellent wedding coverage demands.

What equipment do you use?

We use Nikon cameras and shoot in RAW (not JPEG) mode. This enables us to get the most information possible for each image which is critical in making color and exposure adjustments to the images during the editing phase later on. And we have a variety of lenses – wide angle, telephoto, fish eye – and different lights and strobes to fit any situation. Every year we update our equipment to keep up with new technology.

Can we give you a list of photos we want taken?

Absolutely! Give us a list of the family groupings and special shots you want and we will make sure they get done. We want to make your day as stress-free as possible.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we are fully insured.

Do you bring back-up equipment to my wedding?

Both photographers have a full set of back-up equipment, including cameras, lenses, strobes, etc. We know how important this day is to you – there are no 'do overs!'

How will you dress for my wedding?

We wear professional attire – male photogs wear suits and ties, women wear pant suits.

What is your payment schedule?

A deposit of $500 is required at booking. This deposit is non-refundable if your wedding is canceled. 75 percent of the balance of your contract total is due 90 days prior to your wedding day, with the final 25 percent due when your proofs are ready (3-4 weeks after your wedding). We accept checks and most credit cards.

We are here to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Call us at 401-461-1060 or e-mail us at valentinophotographyri@gmail.com.

As Thom says, "You are never bothering us!"